Mamma arf a djamma 2013 more Coop.
Really Over (Ver. 2, unreleased) 2013 n/a Single
Separate Ways 2013 soon Coop.
2013 soon Single
Waiting For A Star To Fall 2013 soon Cover
Coming home 2012 soon Single
Brosi 2011 soon Coop.
g hlakka svo til 2011 soon Video
Er a st? 2011 soon Coop.
I think of angels 2011 soon Single
Ntt 2011 soon Single
Slow Down 2011 soon Single
Belive it, or not (unreleased) 2010 n/a Single
Eina sem g vil 2010 soon Coop.
Howlin for My Baby 2010 soon Video
Howlin for My Baby (unreleased) 2010 n/a Single
Really Over (Ver. 1, unreleased) 2010 n/a Single
Spinning my world around (unrel.) 2010 n/a Single
essi jl 2010 soon Single
Too Bad 2010 n/a Video