Óskastund 2002 more CD
Rainbow Girl 2008 more CD
Really Over (Ver. 1, unreleased) 2010 n/a Single
Really Over (Ver. 2, unreleased) 2013 n/a Single
Revolving Doors 2016 more Single
Revolving Doors (instrumental) 2016 more Single
Say goodbye 2008 more CD
Separate Ways 2013 soon Coop.
Si te vas 2009 soon Promo
Si tu sais 2009 soon Promo
Slow Down 2011 soon Single
Spaceman 2008 more CD
Spinning my world around (unrel.) 2010 n/a Single
Still Friends 2003 soon Coop.
Strax 2000 more CD
The Power of Love 2017 soon Video
The river is dry 2008 more CD
Þessi jól 2010 soon Single
This Night 2014 soon Single
Þú 2013 soon Single