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You will certainly ask why this Icelandic webshop appears so preferred by Yohanna.de . And of course this question is justified - but here is the answer: First, I must assure that Yohanna.de don't get any benefits because of this "advertising". The reason is that I  - the operator of this site - made my own very good experiences with ShopIcelandic. The deliveries were fast, the service is excellent, the order and payment appear easy and safe. Despite many orders - I'm also just a big fan! ;o) -  I never had any problems. Since the shop has at the same time an ample choice of relevant CDs  - also at the instigation of Yohanna.de :o) - I thought this is a good address for all fans of Yohanna. To the best of my knowledge I can recommend this shop and I can't do this to other shops due to lack of experience. But of course I can't give any guarantee for legal reasons. It's just an external shop...
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Current buying sources to Yohanna’s magnificent music ...
First of all: Yohanna's four beautiful albums:
CD "Butterflies and Elvis"
CD "Jól með Jóhönnu"
15. November 2016
CD "Ég sjálf"
CD "Johanna Guðrún 9"
Yohanna as guest singer and on sampler:
CD "Mamma þarf að djamma"
Björgvin og Hjartagosarnir:
CD "Leiðin heim"
(List of course not complete - will be continued!)
Box "Jólatónleikar Fíladelfíu"
Björgvin Halldórsson
Box "Gullvagninn"
The most beautiful Christmas concerts!
Label: Hljóðsmiðjan 2008 12 Tracks, it's the originally Icelandic release! Incl. booklet with BEAUTIFUL pictures
Label: Hljóðsmiðjan 2002 12 Tracks Booklet with beautiful pictures
If you have noticed the equality of the cover pics at the Icelandic webshop  and here (yellow border, 206 px) ; No coincidence,  both are made by Yohanna.de ... ;o)
Label: Hljóðsmiðjan 2001 12 Tracks Booklet with Info & all lyrics
Label: Hljóðsmiðjan 2000 11 Tracks Personally signed by Jóhanna Guðrún!
Label: Sena 2013 13 Tracks OF COURSE with Yohannas No.1 hit !!!
Label: SENA 2011 12 Tracks 2 of them with Yohanna
Hvítasunnukirkjan Fíladelfía 2014 1 audio CD with carefully selected songs 2 DVDs with the TV recordings from 2006 until 2013
Label: SENA 2011 4 CDs with 88! tracks the DVD includes among others Björgvin’s Birthday gala at March 16, 2011
Hallur Joensen
25 ár í Eurovision
“Gledibankinn” (3CD)
Label: Hallur Joensen 13 Tracks Track 9: “"SEPARATE WAYS", a duet with Yohanna!
Label: SENA 2011 3 CDs, 64 tracks 2 of them with Yohanna - "IS IT TRUE?" & "NÓTT" For the anniversary "25 years Iceland at ESC"!
CD "Söngvakeppni 2013"
various artists
CD "Söngvakeppni 2011"
Label: SENA 2013 12 Tracks Track 5: Yohanna - “Þú” written by Davíð Sigurgeirsson!
Label: SENA 2011 15 Tracks one song by Yohanna - “NÓTT” :o)
various artists
Highly recommended and very delightful: Yohanna on CD & DVD!
… and a beautiful book with Yohanna!
Who is the modern Icelandic woman? Between 2010 and 2012, photographer Berglind Björnsdóttir worked to answer that question. Traveling around Iceland (and beyond), she stepped into the lives of forty-one Icelandic women, each with her own story to tell. As they cuddle their pets, admire their children, drink endless cups of coffee, and revel in nature, these strong, independent women offer insights into the common threads they all share. While posing for the camera, they share their hopes, dreams, and greatest accomplishments. From farmers to actresses to the former president of Iceland, this intimate project evokes the vitality and spirit of a remarkable assortment of women. And of course Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir is one of these modern Icelandic women. This book contains three beautiful full page black and white photos of her and interesting texts about her dreams, thoughts and … dogs ! Published 2014, 208 pages, complete in English,  soft cover, size 17cm x 24 cm
Berglind Björnsdóttir: “MODERN ICELANDIC WOMAN”
Available for example, in this shop in Iceland: More about Arctic Selection: CLICK HERE
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